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Acai bowl recipe

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From The founder, Ksenia Avdulova

Listen, I'm not into cheesy stuff.

Maybe just a little bit.

I’m not saying a bowl can heal your heart. But this I know for sure (Oprah moment): surrounding ourselves with beautiful intentional objects can keep us centered and connected to what’s important.

@breakfastcriminals Instagram page started as a place where I posted photos of my superfood breakfasts (açaì bowls!) in the OG heart bowl when it was the only thing that excited me first thing in the morning. I was re-finding myself and figuring out the whole self-love thing after a heartbreak, losing my visa and work permit, my job and my apartment. All at once.

Every single day I get message from people tagging the @heartbowl and sharing how it was by their side as they got through a rough day, made them smile, or reminded them to be a tiny bit more kind to themselves.

I'm so excited for you to join the #heartbowl tribe! 


2012: @breakfastcriminals

Ksenia starts @breakfastcriminals Instagram page as a way to share her love for superfoods, quest to make soulful acai bowls (how they do in Hawaii), and most importantly – to share the practices and recipes that were helping her figure out the whol self-love thing after a rough heartbreak. 

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2014: The #heartbowl Project

After hundreds of comments expressing love for the heart bowl, Ksenia decides to produce 2,000 of her own heart bowls (following an inspired moment of reading Tim Ferris' Four-Hour Workweek).

The heart bowl gets featured by Cameron Diaz, Romee Strijd and other cool people. 

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2018: Heart Bowl 2.0 and Giving Back

While the brand new heart bowl 2.0 is in production, Ksenia partners with Harper Kennedy Ceramics and Alyson Charles to create 5 limited edition handmade bowls, and 100% of profits went to Bumi Sehat Foundation committed to every baby entering this world with love.

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Thank you, Shopify!

The Heart Bowl is featured in Shopify's 2020 brand campaign alongside other awesome independent brands – seen on Discovery Channel, HGTV and more!


Content on this website is for informational purposes only. We don’t recommend you rely on information on this website or on your favorite influencer’s Instagram account  (@breakfastcriminals) to heal your heart. If you want to experience more love in your life, we recommend you consult your own heart for advice or answers.